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HS1-SB Sectional Warping Machine

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Honest Engineering Works  in Gujarat India |

The development of weaving technology needs preparatory equipment with high quality and performance for completion. Honest Engineering succeeded in developing HS1-SB Intelligent sectional warping machine years ago. It is preparatory to weaving lines of wool textile, trademark fabric, heavy twist synthetic fibre, filament fabric, yarn dyed fabric ,natural silk fabric ,towel fabric and industrial special fabrics .It can be completed with water-jet, air-jet, rapier and gripper looms and is an excellent substitute of similar products of Europe.


  • Sectional warping machine for high quality weaving beam preparation
  • Precise warp table traverse movement through servo controller
  • Accurate length measuring thru the advance software and sensors
  • Effective hydraulic hollow disc brakes
  • Heavy duty separate beaming unit
  • Constant beaming tension
  • Beam oscillation function
  • Both side movable beam arm structure
  • Constant warping and beaming line speed control
  • Lost end memory & auto stop during beaming
  • Intelligent operational colour touch screen display (HMI)
  • Safety bar at beaming

Technical Specification

Beam Diameter ∅800mm / ∅1000mm / ∅1100mm /∅1250mm
Working Width 1800mm to 4000 mm
Warping Speed 600 m/min (higher on request)
Beaming Speed 100 m/min
Cone Angle 7° to 10.5°
Drum Diameter ∅800mm / ∅1000mm
Drum Circumference 2500mm / 3140mm
Warp table traverse control Servo
Static eliminator Optional for warping table and leasing device
Waxing device Optional
Beam pressure roller Optional